Scott Ponaman

Scott Ponaman, MSHA

Scott Ponaman has spent his career providing individualized, compassionate care to those populations who are underserved by traditional government programs. Starting as a clinical nurse and then progressing into positions in policy, marketing, and business development, Mr. Ponaman has had the opportunity to make a significant impact within both public and private sectors.

Mr. Ponaman established Ponaman Healthcare Consulting in 2001 as a way to share expertise with private foundations, non-profit health organizations, and government agencies alike. In this capacity, he has consistently created forward-thinking solutions through his extensive knowledge of government policies utilizing a creative, strategic approach. A specialist in 340B programs, Mr. Ponaman has served as a consultant to the Heinz Family Philanthropies, providing leadership on large-scale issues such as Medicaid and program development for children and the elderly.

Scott Ponaman has a B.S. and M.S. in Health Administration, as well as a nursing certificate, and is an Apexus Certified Expert (ACE). He has held positions at Kaiser Permanente, Mercer Government Human Services Consulting, and Schaller Anderson throughout his illustrious career. He currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona and regularly travels across the country to consult with clients.