340B Program Integrity Audits

Ponaman’s 340B Program Integrity Audits (PIAs) are designed to provide an independent, external audit of an entity’s 340B Program. Our 340B consultants have provided support for more than 100 HRSA audits. We use HRSA’s most recent audit data request list to prepare the organization’s team for a HRSA audit while completing a thorough 340B compliance check and identifying areas to maximize program savings.

Ponaman’s PIA process adjusts to meet HRSA’s most recent compliance standards, and includes the following key steps:

  • Compliance checks
    • 340B Eligibility documentation and registration verification
    • Medicare cost report/grant reviews
    • Policy and Procedure assessment
    • 340B pharmacy purchasing process review
    • Medicaid billing and state requirements review
    • Evaluation of existing monitoring/compliance measures
    • Review basic third party administrator (TPA) configuration settings
    • and more!
  • Staff Training
    • Our process is designed to train each covered entity’s team for a 340B HRSA Audit, so an entity will be organized and ready to respond.
  • Program Optimization
    • We will identify any missed opportunities related to maximizing program savings while conducting the audit. Our goal is to ensure that covered entities are achieving the full potential of program savings.

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