HRSA 340B Audit Support

Ponaman has participated firsthand and supported clients through  119 HRSA 340B Program audits since 2013. Since HRSA began onsite 340B Program audits, Ponaman has served as a liaison between the covered entity and the HRSA auditor.

As of July 2022, covered entities who are existing Ponaman clients are approximately two times more likely to have a HRSA audit with no findings compared to all entities audited by HRSA.

Ponaman’s HRSA 340B Audit Support Services include:

  • Audit Preparation and Coordination
  • Data and Information Validation/Research
  • Document Review
  • Medicare Cost Report or Grant Review
  • Coordinate with Auditor
  • Onsite or Remote Audit Support
  • Post – Audit Follow Up (as needed)
    • Notice of Disagreement development
    • Corrective Action Plan development and implementation

The Ponaman team also has experience with re-audits for entities that have received their second audit letter. Contact us to learn more.

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