340B Independent External Audits

Ponaman’s 340B Independent External Audits are data audits that meet OPA’s recommendation for an annual audit of a 340B Program. Ponaman’s 340B consultants audit all 340B settings: mixed-use, clinic administered drugs, entity-owned retail pharmacy,  or contract pharmacy.

Ponaman’s independent external audit includes the following key tasks:

  • HRSA-style random sampling audit and follow up
  • Provider validations for prescriptions
  • Detailed report with findings, recommendations, and next steps

Optional add-ons to this service include reviews of:

  • Eligibility documentation and registration
  • Medicare cost report/grant
  • Policy and procedures
  • Medicaid billing and state requirements
  • Existing monitoring/compliance measures
  • Third-party administrator (TPA) settings
  • Additional custom analytic services

Note that many of the add-ons are included with our 340B Program Integrity Audit services.

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