Sandi Einbinder

Chief Operations Officer

Sandi Einbinder has been part of the Ponaman team since 2013. She is a healthcare administration professional with broad-based skills in Medicaid healthcare operations, quality management, business development, marketing, compliance reporting and monitoring, and consulting. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in government regulatory issues related to compliance, waiver and accreditation issues. Her abilities include managing large projects within budget and providing oversight and monitoring of deliverables. She has excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

She was awarded the 2007 United Healthcare Innovations Award for “Innovation, Creativity, and Customer Focus in Pursuit of the Public & Senior Markets Vision” for her work in utilizing predicting modeling in the public sector markets.

Sandi’s prior experience includes working as a consultant for Mercer Government Human Services, and she held several exciting positions during her tenure with UnitedHealth Group, from business development to operational roles. Sandi enjoys working across multiple areas within the healthcare industry. She also enjoys sporting events including rooting for her Arizona Diamondbacks.