340B Services

Ponaman Healthcare Consulting (Ponaman) has been providing consulting services for the 340B Program since 2001. Our key focus is to assist 340B participating or eligible entities to enhance cost-savings opportunities while maintaining regulatory compliant programs. Our analytical methods include data mining and continuous monitoring to better advise our clients and help their decision-making process. Ponaman’s services include the following:

  • HRSA Audit support
  • 340B Program Integrity Audits
  • Independent external audits
  • Program assessments
  • Implementation support
  • Other 340B services

Our clients include a large range of 340B Covered Entity types such as children’s hospitals, disproportionate share hospitals,  sole community hospitals, critical access hospitals, rural referral centers,  community health centers, Ryan White programs, family planning clinics,  STD clinics, and departments of public health.

Over the years, our efforts have led to a combination of cost savings and revenue enhancements of well over $3 billion for state agencies and safety net providers across the U.S. In addition to the notable financial benefits, other significant benefits include:

  • Decreased drug spending
  • Affordable access
  • Continuation of benefits
  • Enhanced purchasing and distribution strategy
  • Expedited dispensing


  • Scott’s expertise has helped us consistently achieve positive results, including cost savings and the possibility of improved or expanded health care for the public.

    Jeffrey Lewis
    Heinz Family Philanthropies

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